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The Aphrodisiac Meal for Valentine’s Day – SH&W Nectar and Ambrosia

A variety of foods have been touted through the ages for the aphrodisiac qualities.  Asparagus, oysters, strawberries, chocolate, figs, are some of the most known aphrodisiac foods and it is no coincidence that they find themselves in our valentine’s day meals.  Some naysayers claim that their effects are all placebo, but there seems be a reason these known aphrodisiac foods have maintained their reputation for setting the mood over centuries.  Classic valentine’s day treats feature combinations of two aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate covered strawberries, arguably one of the sexiest desserts out there.  Pairing strawberries which are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that support a healthy libido and chocolate which contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a which is believed to arouse emotions in our central nervous system.  So, when planning the perfect valentine’s day meal choose to incorporate foods with aphrodisiac qualities but also keep in mind that the overall experience is just as if not more important.

When choosing a valentine’s day menu using aphrodisiac foods is a good start but also keeping it light but satisfying is key.  The goal is to leave everyone completely satisfied but left energized and ready for a great night. Every meal is an opportunity for an intimate shared experience, and this is where much of the aphrodisiac qualities of a meal are born.  Serving a few simple small tapas dishes can be a great way to extend a romantic meal and keep the excitement going through the meal, while still not overeating.  Keep it simple and easy like the SH&W Nectar and Ambrosia recipe below. Even preparing a portion your valentine’s day meal with your lover can be a sexy and fun activity, such as dipping strawberries in hot chocolate fondue.  Do not overlook your lover’s favorites and keep it fun.  With the right set up, the act of sharing the experience of enjoyment with your lover can be all the aphrodisiacs a meal needs.

SH&W Nectar and Ambrosia


5 Fresh Figs

5 Ounces Chevre Style Soft Goat Cheese


Fresh Mint

~Cut figs in half longitudinally.

~Place a small dab (1/2 ounce) of goat cheese in the center of each half.

~Arrange on serving plate and drizzle plate with honey.

~Garnish with fresh mint and serve.

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