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Vitamin D – Covid Prevention and Long-term Bone Health

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which promotes the absorption of calcium and supports normal bone mineralization.  A powerful anti-inflammatory, vitamin D also supports the proper function of one’s nerves, muscles, immune system and maintenance of blood sugar levels.  And if that wasn’t enough to get you to go out and grab some for yourself, it was also recently shown that it may be effective in supporting one’s COVID 19 prognosis.  Most likely a result of the supportive effects of the immune system and maintenance of blood sugar levels, vitamin D supplementation is a promising tool in preventing and combatting the symptoms of a Covid 19 infection.

Vitamin D is naturally abundant some foods like egg yolks, beef liver, and in fatty fish like mackerel or salmon.   For many years vitamin D has been added to milk, which may be the real reason behind milk’s reputation for building strong bones in kids and keeping old people from osteoporosis. 

However, vitamin D is also produced endogenously (within the body) when we are exposed to enough sunlight.  Exposing your half of your skin for a few hours a day should be sufficient for most people depending on their climate and the natural pigmentation of their skin.  Those with a farer complexion, who are prone to burning, will produce enough vitamin D within about half of the time it takes for a sunburn to develop.

Vitamin D is cheap and readily available as a supplement we highly recommend looking in to incorporating into your daily health routine.  Some sources recommend taking it in the form of vitamin d3 (cholecalciferol) which seems like it may be the most bioavailable form.  Also, combining vitamin D with calcium and ingesting them with some sort of fat are important to aid in the absorption into the body.

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