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Love and Rub Your BBQ – Eastern Dry Rub Blend Recipe

Are you looking to elevate your barbecue?  Ask around and you will find out that a really developed spice blend is all one needs to turn something from bland into a sumptuous dish fit for even the most finicky royalty.  A good dry rub is to many considered the secret to elevated barbecue.  There are many delicious pre-made dry rub blends on the market but beware of unhealthy additives and flavorings when purchasing already made products.  We encourage you to try to make it your own, by choosing combinations of aromatics that you and your guests particularly enjoy, or per the theme of the dish. Our East African Dry Rub Blend Recipe below lends from traditional blends the intense flavors of curry and berbere as a base, bringing a tried and true depth of exotic flavors developed over ancient times. 

Eastern Dry Rub Blend Recipe:

2 Parts Curry Powder

2 Parts Berbere Blend

1 Part Onion Powder

1 Part Smoked Paprika

1 Part Ground Coriander

1 Part Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1 Part Dried Crushed Red Peppers

1 Part Coconut Sugar

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