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Fenugreek Face And Hair Mask Skin And Hair Rejuvenation Miracle

Fenugreek seeds and leaves are common ingredients and ancient ingredients in dishes from the Indian subcontinent, including ancient Persia.  Touted to improve milk production in pregnant women, increase sperm count in men, reduce general inflammation throughout the body, promote weight loss, and even provide pain relief, you would think fenugreek would be a household staple.  However, many of us have been sleeping on this fantastic herb and its many useful applications.  One of our favorite uses for fenugreek is our simple Fenugreek Face and Hair Mask recipe below.  This mask is naturally healing for our skin and hair, replacing nutrients and acts to condition both into a softer smoother texture.  Chronic dandruff and unmanageable hair are no match for the inherent power of fenugreek.  It’s also great for calming rosacea and other skin irritations. This super simple mask will leave your face feeling refreshed and protected for days after it is applied.

SH&W Fenugreek Face and Hair Mask


3/4 Cup Water

1 Tbsp. Fenugreek Seeds

In a medium sized saucepan, combine the fenugreek to the water and bring to a boil.

Simmer gently for 10 minutes, or until the seeds are a bit swollen and the water has changed color.  A slight aroma of maple will develop letting you know it is ready.

Remove fenugreek and water mixture from heat and set aside to cool.

Add mixture to a blender and blend until it forms a creamy sauce texture and there are no chunky bits left.

Apply liberally to face, hair.

Let sit for 20 minutes and wash off using cool water.  (Please be careful to avoid slipping here as this mask can make the shower slippery when rinsing it off.)

Enjoy several days of a smoothened and refreshed complexion.

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