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Why grass-fed beef? Treat Yourself to Better Health

Beef is what has been for dinner in America for decades, and the United States is continually one of the worlds largest consumers of beef.  Any beef lover should take note, like any meat, the quality of beef one is able to get can greatly change the health implications of consuming it.  Eating beef fattened on corn has been popularized due to it being cheap to produce and the increased fat content and rich flavor that results. However, the same cattle that can eat cardboard and produce milk from it, are not able to digest the GMO feed corn they are fattened on, causing irritation and infection in their digestive systems.  This is why some cattle producers require the use of antibiotics in their herds.  As an alternative, grass-fed and finished beef, which is not only delicious, but has several health benefits making it the better choice for the health conscious consumer. Grass-fed and finished beef contains more vitamins and minerals, omega–3 fatty acids, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, (known to reduce belly fat) than grain-fed beef giving it a heart health fat profile similar to consuming wild salmon. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, omega–3 fatty acids has been shown to fight a number of diseases and ailments.   Each time we consume beef we have a choice to vote with our resources and to seek better health through choosing a higher quality product.  We can make the choice to purchase and support a better quality beef raised on its natural grass diet, and intern we will benefit not only ourselves but the food producers fighting to provide us with best quality healthiest food available.

The Kobe Life

The name Kobe is synonymous with the highest quality of beef available in the world.  But what makes this beef so special?  Some may say the special nature of this beef comes from the selection of Wagyu cattle, an especially fatty breed.  Others claim it’s endemic to the Kobe region of Japan, and the meticulous skill of the farmers passed down over generations.  The real reason this beef is so prized for its unsurpassed quality is the complete lack fo stress the cattle experience during their lives.  In fact many people would strive to live the life of a steer raised in this fashion.  Classical music plays softly throughout their comfortable spacious living quarters, each steer receives daily massages and are waited on by a dedicated staff who expertly carful not to startle the cattle with even a quick or sudden hand gesture.  This ideal life they live actually changes the cattle’s physiology.  When an animal is stressed instead of developing healthy intramuscular fat, their fat accumulates along their vascular structures like their blood vessels and heart, leading to illness.  The stress-free cattle store their fat intramuscularly, which is not only health for the cow but gives them their signature marbling.

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