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Xertz Coffee for Best Health – How to make the Perfect French Press

Staring your day with a hot cup of coffee may have more benefits than getting you ready to take on the day.  Not that any of us needed a reason.  But you can feel that much better after your sup of joe this morning knowing you are also preventing serious illness. In 1968 study (Nefzger, Quadfasel, & Karl, 1968) it was suggested that coffee drinkers were less like to get Parkinson’s Disease. Since that initial observation in 1968, multiple epidemiological studies have confirmed that there is indeed some sort of connection between Parkinson’s Disease protection and enjoying coffee on a regular basis, (Ascherio et al., 2003; Ascherio et al., 2004; Fujimaki et al., 2018).  ADHD and other nervous system disorders have found relief from caffeine use and unroasted coffee, which has the highest caffeine levels, has been applied in enemas in successful alternative cancer treatments protocols like the famous Gerson Institute.

Some think coffee’s protection from Parkinson’s may be attributable to its caffeine content, however, something more intriguing seems to be at play.  Enjoy your morning buzz knowing that you are doing yourself good in more ways than one.

If you are looking for that artisanal coffee experience, while staying green, and still need a quick and easy way to brew your morning cup(s).  Forego the nasty plastic single serving pods, and follow us to French press heaven. Seriously though, taking a few minutes to brew the perfect French press will up your coffee experience to the extent you will never look back.

The Bean:

Your favorite roasted coffee beans are perfect for the French press.  When selecting our bean we like to keep in mind a few counterintuitive facts to keep us steering in the right direction.  First, though darker roasts like an espresso roast have an intense flavor profile, they will have less caffeine than a light or medium roast bean since the caffeine is substantially reduced during the roasting process.  The more roasted the bean, the weaker the kick. Next, we look for oil.  We like a bean with a good shine on the outside indicating a richness in the bean.  The shiny and oilier the beans are, the deeper the flavor that will result.

The Grind:

For the perfect French press coffee, we recommend that your Coarsely grind.  (If you like your coffee darker with sediment at the bottom grind a bit finer, if a lighter smoother coffee is preferred, keep it course.). Grinding fresh is always best, however if you have only pre-ground coffee, it should be stored in the freezer until use.

The Water:

The quality of water you use to brew your French press can definitely effect the end result.  We like to use the cleanest, tastiest, water we have available.  The water should be heating to just below boiling.  We have found that heating the water to 200°F is perfect. Using boiling water 212°F may bring more of the tannins from the bean than desired and effect the flavor.

The Brew:

Place the ground coffee into the bottom of the French Press.  Combine the hot water to the ground coffee until the French press is one quarter full.  Stir vigorously to ensure that every bit of coffee is combined in the hot water.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Add hot water to fill French press the reaming three quarters until full.  Immediately top the French press and compress the screen until fully plunged and it is at the bottom of the French press.  Serve and enjoy.

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